Be who you are, not who you want people to see​

No matter what age you are, I think everyone goes through some kind of self-confidence battle with themselves, some worse than others. It is something I personally have struggled with for a long time and never quite thinking I’m good enough because I don’t match the images that society has set out for us. Only now that I have my own Little bear do I understand how important it is to love yourself for who you are because that kind of self-love is powerful.

Magazines and social media images of what we should look like hold an unrealistic view of how people should look. More and more young people use social media now and look up to these celebrities with an aspiration to be what they think they should look like based on what they see on a daily basis.

But what you see on social media isn’t necessarily a true view of what that person looks like, or in fact what their life is really like. I think it is really important to point out that body image is such a wide spectrum, and that not one look is perfect. It is the little things about each individual person that makes them who they are. Lumps and bumps included.

One person trying to change the way the next generation view themselves is author Vese, who has created a wonderful brand with the idea to empower the next generation of children to love themselves for who they are. Not only that, but she also helps underprivileged children around the world, who deserve to feel happy about who they are and what they stand for.

With her daughter as her inspiration, she has created a children’s character portrayed in a book in the hope that children everywhere can identify with her and love themselves for the strong, confident, adventure loving people they will grow up to be. Influencing children at a young age will hopefully help change the way they think of themselves as an older person.

I was lucky enough to receive a copy of Vese’s book, and it really is a great way to look at life. Rather than looking for and pointing out the bad points about yourself, it encourages you to look for the parts that make you unique and just how amazing that makes you, and also to get the idea that you are more than what you look like. It asks the question what makes me who I am from the viewpoint of a child, with an answer that all the little things added together are what makes me special and that there is only one me.

Not only is this brand an inspiration to young people, it also helps by shipping books to an underprivileged child every time a Philly and Friends product is purchased by working closely with Books 2 Africa. A quote from her website says that “According to World Bank, over 202 million children, which makes up 90% who go to school in Africa, cannot read or write after finishing school due to lack of books”. I feel that every child should have the opportunity to read and experience the joy that comes from reading and this brand is helping to make this a reality.

I read this book with Little bear who loved looking at and pointing out the different things on the pictures (we love body parts at the minute) and I really feel that it can achieve what it was created to achieve.

Like I said earlier, you are not only going to be helping this brand spread their word and achieve their mission but other children all over the world who want to learn to love to read and to love who they really are inside and out.

You can pre-order this book here Philly and Friends

DISCLOSURE – I received a copy of this book from Philly and Friends to review. I was not financially compensated in any way. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my observations from reading and my own experiences.


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